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We serve the entire Gulf Coast, offering timely legal advice to individuals, small businesses, schools, community associations and government institutions.   We can help solve the legal problems that life presents, whether they involve protecting your rights, starting and maintaining your business, collecting amounts you are owed, defending you against the suits of others, modifying your mortgage and protecting you from foreclosure, running your community, or drafting and reviewing your contracts and important legal documents.

In short, we worry about your problems so you don’t have to.  

We look forward to working with you.

  • Debt Negotiators
    Debt Negotiators
    Harassed by creditors? Having difficulty making ends meet while keeping up with your monthly bills? Facing foreclosure? Tilden & Prohidney, P.L. has strategies to recommend.
  • Corporate Counselors
    Corporate Counselors
    Are you thinking about starting your own business? Do you already have a business and need some day-to-day legal guidance? Are you having trouble collecting on your invoices? Tilden & Prohidney, P.L. is ready to help.
  • Trial Attorneys
    Trial Attorneys
    Are you looking for lawyers who love the courtroom? Do you want to try your case in front of a jury of your peers? Tilden & Prohidney, P.L. can get you there.
  • Community Association Attorneys
    Community Association Attorneys
    Are you on the Board of a condominium or HOA? Do you need help collecting your assessments, enforcing your documents or interpreting the statutes? Tilden & Prohidney, P.L. represents associations across the Gulf Coast.
  • Construction Lawyers
    Construction Lawyers
    Are you adding onto your home or building a new one? Are you an owner, contractor or subcontractor with questions about Florida’s Construction Lien Law? Tilden & Prohidney, P.L. has worked on construction projects of every size and budget.